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    Health & Safety is critical for CM One and therefore we make sure appropriate policies and procedures are effectively implemented across all areas of work. 

    All our employees are equipped with site specific induction and specialised training; in addition we make sure all activities on site comply with national health & safety specific rules, policies and procedures. Each project is carried out with the assurance that our partners and sub-contractors employ practices that are in line with our own.

    We aim to create a safe working environment which is clean, tidy and risk free for our operatives, clients and the general public. To date, we have had No Reportable Accidents and we are continuously striving to maintain this excellent achievement.


    We build for the future and a main concern is to assess the impact of our work for the environment and for the welfare of our clients. It is not only about practicing “the green way” but also creating a model of good practices. This is why we are employing risk reduction measures and continuously train our staff encouraging a self-accountable attitude and an active interest in the environment.

    Greater environmental awareness has led to an increasing reception of greener products and systems. CM One has an active role in selecting materials and therefore environmental factors are considered when the decision is taken. We favour natural as opposed to highly processed materials and timber which is sourced from well managed forests. Efforts are being made to rationalise the delivery of materials to sites and to apply cost effective measures in each aspect of our work.

    Energy conservation is also a priority: wasting energy practices are strongly discouraged and low energy use equipment is utilised across our sites and offices.


    At CM One we are aware that minimisation and disposal of waste has become a significant environmental issue of recent years. Waste control can have a significant impact on the environment, especially as disposal resources are decreasing. It is the duty of all our staff and partners to attempt to comply with the governmental hierarchies regarding constructions and we make sure current environmental legislation is employed.

    Some of the measures we commit to:

    – Minimise the amount of waste disposed by adopting the reducing, recovering and recycling procedures

    – Reduction of health & safety and environmental risks that staff and contractors may be subjected to.

    – Cost effective strategies associated with waste disposal