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• Metal frame partitions and wall systems
• Wall lining systems
• Shaft wall systems
• Steelwork encasement systems
• Fire stopping and fire barriers

Plastering and Tape & Joint

• Board setting and skimming
• Two coat plastering to masonry and concrete
• Taping and Jointing

Suspended Ceilings

• Demountable acoustic ceilings
• Raft and island ceilings
• Metal or mineral tiled ceiling systems

Painting & Decoration

Paint application via airless spray has in the recent past, been overlooked within the UK. Other European countries and the United States of America have been applying different types of coatings via airless spray for over 20 years.

CM ONE LTD have now been applying coatings using airless spray equipment for approximately 4 years. Within our company, we have five different spray machines ranging from conventional 110 volt airless through to cordless handheld 18 volt machines that can apply numerous different coatings, ranging from conventional water based emulsions through to specialist coatings such as cladding coatings, intumescent coatings and 2-pack coatings.

Skilled Painters and Decorators
We employ only skilled, dedicated painters and decorators who have all been personally vetted to meet the highest standards in the decoration industry. Many of our professional team have specific skills which will mean you get the best results from a dedicated expert in their field.